Saturday, March 9, 2013

I am the master of my own dignity

"Oiii..apsal x serang je terus,pikir apa lagi???hamtam sajalah!"pekik Awang Joned.Seorang penganggur.

"Ya,allah...kau selamatkan lah kaum sebangsaku,seagamaku,bukakan lah pintu hati mereka untuk kembali ke berbincang demi kemakmuran bersama".Doa  Menditus Ibrahim Perez mengetuai kaum sedarahnya di Borneo itu.

While at the same London."Like i said,these Malaya has come to end.What a pleasant news!".
Said Sir Moron Jones".

"Are you fucking serious about this?100 Years has not over yet,How possible it may happen in shortest time?"James Crook doubted  his friend statement.

"Look at them.They are so many colors and ideas but  are not blends together.We will be the bowl and it
will be served to our Queens and shall be the most meaningful meal in our history."Replied Sir Moron Jones who turned 80 on March 10.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" 

 "If you cant find the seed why'd you burned all those plants?   If you cant spot the wrong why'd you cursed all those people?    i  speak for the "you".   Sirkhan Danial

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