Monday, March 25, 2013

A choice to be made.

Bahang PRU13da semakin hampir.Jadi aku nk repost skit poem yang aku tulis dulu-dulu.
Menang-Kalah terima dengan hati terbuka.
Bukan buka mulut xhenti2 menyalak xtentu pasal.

He continued to promise,
to the land of peace,
he spread his words about denial and deception,
he knows almost everything,
but yet,he lose control.

to his  disgusted desire and absolute judgement.

offering justice and equality were false phrase,
contradiction created and it  never stops,
claiming  that the truth was lies on his hands,
unfortunately,he threw stones to his own face.
agreeing  in inversion of gender and lust

he existed,
at every broken hearts and false start.

Ignore the grammar.Go fuck NAZI.

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